Welcome to my kitchen, friends…

Since I don’t really know where to begin, I’ll just begin at the beginning. The beginning is my first attempt at cooking. I was home for my first summer break from college. At school I had decided to become vegan. My mom didn’t know anything about cooking vegetarian, much less vegan, so we went to the bookstore together to pick out some vegetarian cookbooks that a friend had recommended. After browsing the recipes together, we decided that tomato sauce for spaghetti would be a good place for me to begin because I had always loved spaghetti and it seemed like a straightforward thing to cook. My mom went to work the next day and that afternoon I tackled my first cooking project totally solo. My poor mom. I was calling her every two minutes:

“Mom, what is a head of garlic and what is a clove of garlic?”

“Oh, okay, so I need to break off the cloves. Okay, bye.”

A moment later I called her again.

“Mom…this papery stuff on the garlic…Do I take that off before I chop it up?”

I got everything chopped and prepped and into the pot and then after a bit it was boiling so hard it was flinging tomato sauce everywhere. I called my mom again.

“Mom…what exactly does simmer mean?”

So you see…even a nimrod can learn how to cook. Even though it was a rather humbling experience, I was hooked. I started cooking regularly, which was wonderful for my mom, who was working very long hours at the time. She told me she really enjoyed coming home to a nice meal that she didn’t have to think about or prepare.  I experienced for the first time how gratifying it is to cook for oneself and for others.

So there you have it: my first beginning. Because there are always more beginnings…cooking is an endless adventure. Please go wash your hands and join me.



13 thoughts on “Welcome to my kitchen, friends…

  1. It really is a great feeling seeing people enjoy a good meal you have taken the time to prepare with them in mind! I have always told my husband it is how I express my love – through cooking or baking. My “love” makes him gain weight sometimes, though! 🙂

  2. Great story! I am glad you bothered to ask your garlic questions! And I want your curried cauliflower soup recipe…so make that!

    • Ha! my idiocy about the garlic still makes me laugh. the devil is in the details, for sure. Okay, I’ll get working on making the cauliflower soup part of the upcoming menu. 😉 Tonight I ended up making hakka noodles with some cauliflower (not cabbage).

  3. What a great story! You’ve come a long way,
    i’ve experienced the blistering specks of sauce flying at me. Sometimes I need cooking goggles.

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