The Best Laid Plans

The dishes I plan to make in the week or two ahead:

  • Falafel with homemade pita
  • Bittman’s Vegan Burgers from his newest soon-to-be-published cookbook
  • Navajo Stew
  • Pepin’s Cauliflower Soup
  • Lydia’s Sausage Tomato Sauce over Rigatoni
  • Various curries
  • Straw Potato and Cheddar Galette

24 thoughts on “The Best Laid Plans

    • Julie, they are bean burgers. Since it’s a Bittman recipe, you can choose from among a thousand different beans. just kidding haha…he lists as options cooked or canned black, white, red, or chickpeas, or lentils. i haven’t decided yet which we’ll use…or a combo, maybe.

      • I know. I had one in a restaurant several months ago and that was exactly my comment. I don’t much like hamburgers anyway.

      • then maybe you will love bean burgers! i have to compare this recipe to my other Bittman book. i wonder if it’s different at all. but i did use his How To Cook Everything Vegetarian book to make bean burgers last summer and they were delicious. I’m pretty sure I used his recipe.

      • I have that book! I am looking now. There are several recipes. One is vegan without the egg so maybe that one is it.

      • most likely…i tend to avoid eggs. they won’t hurt me in baking, but they are so easy to replace that when i make and bake things myself, i substitute the egg.

  1. The new issue of vegetarian times has several recipes from Bittman’s new book, including the burgers. The roasted vegetable sandwiches with zesty white bean spread sounds interesting.

  2. I love my How to Cook Everything Vegetarian Book. I am a fan of bean burgers but haven’t tried the ones in the book yet.

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