“Navajo” Stew (from Moosewood Simple Suppers)

I’m not sure about the Navajo name, but it’s apparently based on a southwestern dish. No matter its authenticity, it smells divine and I can’t wait to start eating it. It seems to be the perfect thing for the end of this day. Despite being the end of March and despite the forsythia beginning to bloom, today was cold, snowy, and rainy. I have never made this dish before, even though I’ve had this cookbook for a long time and have loved cooking from it.

It’s a really colorful dish: chopped sweet potatoes (I chopped up three smallish ones), a red onion (the recipe didn’t specify what kind of onion so I went for red) cut into wedges, a green pepper and a yellow pepper (the recipe says red, but I had yellow) chopped into 1-inch pieces. I tossed those with two tablespoons of canola oil, one tablespoon ground cumin, and four good size garlic cloves, chopped. Spread them on a cookie sheet or a some shallow pan for roasting and bake them in the oven at (pre-heated) 450-degrees for about 10 minutes. After ten minutes, give them a stir and let them roast for another 15 minutes or so.


While they are in the oven, run a 15-oz can of tomatoes, 1 tbs chipotle peppers in adobo sauce, and about 1/2 cup cilantro through the food processor.

Then combine the vegetables with the sauce and a 15-oz can of black beans in a casserole dish (I just used my dutch oven because it was handy) and return them to the oven for about 10 minutes.

Then eat it!


It was delicious! I had never cooked with adobo sauce before. Now I have a decent amount left over (since I only needed 1tbs) so I need to find some fun recipes using it. Any suggestions?

ETA: I need to add that in following these directions, I thought the sweet potatoes did not get quite done enough. I am planning to try it again, but roasting the sweet potatoes alone for the first 10 minutes or so, then mixing them with the other veggies and seasonings, and returning them to the oven. The other vegetables turned out great, so I don’t think leaving everything in for longer is the answer.


15 thoughts on ““Navajo” Stew (from Moosewood Simple Suppers)

  1. How hot did it end up being? I used chipotles in adobo sauce once and thought it was too hot. I think maybe the sauce was ok and it was the chipotles that I didn’t like. But now I am scared of that ingredient.

    • i definitely liked the smoky flavor! my most favorite chili ever happens to be a meat chili…oh, except i also love my mom’s potato and white bean chili. but this winter i was on a mission to find a vegetarian chili that i like as much as my meat chili and so far i have failed. perhaps i’ll have to experiment on my own with this adobo sauce.

  2. I have also never cooked with adobe. No idea what to do with it. I do like “hot” spicy in addition to “interesting” spicy though.

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