Sausage is My Bacon

VEGANS! AVERT YOUR EYES! There will be meat in this post.

Most people say that bacon is the “gateway meat.” I totally disagree. I don’t much care for bacon and can totally live without it. Sausage, especially Italian sausage, is proving to be a much harder impediment to returning to my meat-free days. And what follows is one of my most favorite sausage dishes ever.

Manny agrees

Manny agrees

It’s from Lidia Matticchio Bastianich’s wonderful Italian regional cookbook, Lidia Cooks from the Heart of Italy, and more specifically, it hails from Sardinia. I love southern Italian food. There is a lot of meat and seafood in this book, so I haven’t actually cooked much from it, except to make this particular dish repeatedly. It’s easy to make, or rather, the sauce is easy–I actually haven’t yet undertaken the project the sauce is just a part of–but it does take a while to simmer down, thicken up, and build it’s flavor. I don’t really recommend it as a weekday dish, but that is what happened this week at my house. I couldn’t make it on Sunday when we bought the sausage, which is what I would normally do, and I didn’t want to freeze it.

Sugo di Salsiccia e Pomodoro

Sugo di Salsiccia e Pomodoro


Linking directly toe Lidia’s very own recipe, it is Malloreddus with Sausage-Tomato Sauce I have never made the malloreddus, but I hope to try it someday.

I’m not going to explain what I did to make it because Lidia’s recipes are incredibly easy to follow and I simply followed hers (which is above in that link). I mean, for the sauce. If I ever make the malloreddus, I’ll probably offer my thoughts on it.

smooshing the tomatoes

smooshing the tomatoes

Making the sauce does, however, require you to get your hands dirty. You need to squeeze white wine into the ground sausage, and you need to smash whole peeled tomatoes by hand. Sometimes they squirt juice like clams, so be prepared to stain your clothes or wipe down cabinets (or ceilings!) if you are not careful enough.

Since I don’t make the malloreddus, we usually make do with rigatoni, which is a favorite pasta at our house. I think it goes well with the sauce because it picks up the chunks of sausage nicely.

Ready to eat

Ready to eat

Since it takes a while to simmer down, you have plenty of time to make a green salad and warm up bread. I was lazy last night and didn’t make a salad, but I did warm up homemade bread that I had made on Sunday, I think, sorry…I already forgot. In any case, I did not bake it last night, which means it was not quite stale and perfect for soaking up sauce.


11 thoughts on “Sausage is My Bacon

  1. Manny– You are so pitiful! Let me take you home with me!

    That looks like a great dish. I haven’t bought rigatoni in so long. Need to fix that.

    • yes! rigatoni is so wonderful! and this is a great recipe (if you eat meat lol). manny is so pitiful that he is now on his “manny tent.” that is, he moved the couch cover so that he is under it, instead of on it. silly boy.

  2. Squeezing the tomatoes – that sounds like a great thing to have children help you cook. (Assuming there’s not precision involved, just mashing.) I loved helping with mashing meatloaf as a child; it was an authorized way of getting your hands dirty.

    • I will definitely be interested in what you come up with. I have failed in all my attempts to veganize things like this. I think part of it is the type of fat, not just the texture and seasoning. I have warned all veggie/vegan friends to never ever ever eat sausage. It is evil. I learned to cook as a vegan and spent most of my adult life as a vegan so the meat thing has been very interesting…

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