The Best Vegan Cheesecake Across the Pond

You are vegan? You can’t have dairy? But you love cheesecake? PROBLEM SOLVED. I asked Sammy of the blog An Ode to Mung Beans if she had a solution to this dilemma. Let me tell you: SHE DID.

I had tried making vegan cheesecake before using a recipe from another vegan friend. That cheesecake was delicious, but did not have the texture I was looking for. So now I have two amazing varieties of cheesecake to make, depending on whether I’m in a light and mousse-y mood or a nice and dense mood. šŸ™‚

First Sam has the baker make a crust:


And then you press it into your springform pan and pre-bake it for a few minutes. While it’s baking, you make the filling. I had one little problem: I couldn’t find the 12-oz paper packages of silken tofu, so mine came in a 1-lb package. I had to eyeball it and I’m not sure I got it quite right, but I proceeded anyway. So then after whirring everything together in my food processor, I dumped it all into my shell (and licked some things clean afterward):


Uh-oh, looks like I pulled my crust too high. It baked, it sat in the oven, it sat on the counter, it spent hours in the refrigerator. Plenty of time for me to contemplate how to decorate it and hide the tall crust. I like strawberries and we got some at the store that morning. I didn’t feel like cooking a sauce (in addition to the cheesecake I made some other stuff yesterday and I had just about reached my limit on how many hours I’ll spend in the kitchen) so I just sliced the strawberries and stirred them with some turbinado sugar, which drew out juices and made them nice and sweet. I also gave a big fat strawberry to my box turtle, Cecilia. She devoured it this morning and then perched in triumph on her log.

Anyway, I decided to put some cocoa nibs around the edge of the cheesecake, even though they aren’t sweetened. Just inside those, I chained the sliced strawberries around in a ring. And then I pulled out my marvelous microplane and grated a lemon over top to sprinkle lemon zest everywhere. I think it worked:


And finally, after hours and hours of waiting, WE ATE SOME:



20 thoughts on “The Best Vegan Cheesecake Across the Pond

  1. I am still not so sure about tofu cheesecake but it certainly LOOKS good!
    Make the chocolate PB pie!! Otherwise I am going to have to cheat on you and look at this other person’s blog to find yummy pictures. Hehe

    • ha! i plan to make it. but you should still cheat on me. She has great recipes and photos. just don’t *abandon* me. i can handle the two-timing. šŸ˜‰
      besides the desserts, look at her bean burgers!! (btw–i wanted to post mine tonight, Julie, but hopefully i’ll do it in the morning)

      • I already did cheat and look at the chocolate pie!! I will check out the bean burgers. I am going to try to make some…soon I hope. So I need to choose a recipe.

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    • i really loved your cheesecake! but it wasn’t quite the consistency i was looking for. however, i really think i preferred your crust. so i’m going to make this one again soon, but with your crust. THE VERY BEST! (for me, lol)

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