Black Bean Burger Pita Sandwiches

A few days ago I made these bean burgers. That night we ate two of them, leaving three for later in the week. This time around I decided to make fresh pita to put them in. I had already made the dough, which I wrote about in this post, in which I described nearly ruining a giant head of cauliflower.

Since the dough was quite cold from having been in the refrigerator for several days, I let it sit on the counter while I heated the oven and a pizza stone to 500 degrees for twenty minutes. Then I formed a nice pound-size ball of dough and cut it into four smaller balls and rolled them out quite flat.


I baked them two at a time for seven minutes and then wrapped them in a clean tea towel to keep them warm and soft.


While the second pair were in the oven, I heated oil in my frying pan for the three burgers. I cut open the two larger of the pita pacman-style and inserted the burgers, squirt in some ketchup, added some shredded romaine lettuce, and sliced red onions. We ate them up. And then I cut the third burger in half and put each half in the smaller pitas the same way. The second time around I skipped the red onion.


These were quite delicious, easy to make on a weeknight, and not quite as messy as a bun can be.


17 thoughts on “Black Bean Burger Pita Sandwiches

    • that is my thought because otherwise you would get flatbread, i think…but i’m not sure. in poking around online i did see that i could get them even puffier by sprinkling them with water or turning them over before removing them from the oven. but i don’t think pita is supposed to be super puffy, but it should definitely make a pocket. 🙂

  1. But when you make normal bread with yeast, it doesn’t have a hollow part in the middle….. I never really thought about how they make pita bread before.

    • Right…but you also don’t flatten the bread. I don’t think it’s just the yeast, but I do think the yeast is a key component. I’m not much of a kitchen chemist!

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  2. I think the pita bread may form a pocket because the dough is flattened and still cold when put in the oven, sort of like what happens with popovers. Just my guess.

  3. I plan on making them this weekend, but not sure if we’ll eat them this weekend or during the week. I have some tilapia I need to cook up for today.

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