Fried Green Cicadas

Cicada invasion on the East Coast of the United States this summer! What to do?


The Smithsonian suggests frying them.


For those of you not in the area that gets these periodical cicadas, here is what they are, basically:

a Magicicada!

I got this image from this cicadamania site, which explains a lot. If you’re really into bugs, here isΒ a Radiolab podcast about the event (that I’m about to listen to).

I honestly have no idea if I could catch and eat these guys. I know people do that sort of thing all over the world, so why not here? why not me? well…I used to like to catch and hold and look at cicadas as a kid (we get them every year, just not this particular variety. This is a special event!) and always feel horrible when I hear that awful grinding chirp sound when a bird has caught them. So I’m thinking…I’ll just leave them for the birds….


11 thoughts on “Fried Green Cicadas

  1. Um. I’d rather eat “fried green cicadas” than what they had to eat in the “Gross Food” challenge on Survivor this season, but that’s not saying much!

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