Hakka-style Veggie Fried Rice

What do you do when you make a batch of rice for curry, but you don’t need it, and you put it in your fridge for a few days? You make fried rice!

One of my favorite fried rice recipes comes from Linda Lau Anusasananan’s The Hakka Cookbook: Chinese Soul Food From Around the World (you can read about it in this post about Hakka noodles). It is technically not vegetarian at all–Chicken Fried Rice with Fresh Tomato Chutney. I have yet to make the chutney. I’m waiting for fresh garden tomatoes!

The first time I made it, I kept the fried egg part of it in the recipe even though I generally avoid eggs. I wanted to see what it was like and I knew if I only ate a little bit of the egg, I probably wouldn’t get sick. But I also avoid eggs because of the way lay hens are typically raised and I have yet to find my own farmer. Apparently so-called humane and organic eggs are not exactly what they claim to be, but this post is not about that issue…so back to the food.

Anyway, as I was saying, I kept the eggs, but I replaced the chicken with tofu. This time, I didn’t use the eggs. I also had no tofu on hand because we ate it for breakfast (I was not thinking ahead. oops). So we had straight veggie fried rice, which has a very mild flavor, but is very satisfying.

First I chopped all the vegetables I was using: I shredded a bunch of carrots in my food processor and put a huge handful in a bowl. The rest I put into the fridge for salads and other things I might need them for. Then I sliced up a generous handful of snowpeas, some red onion (it was replacing shallot to give you an idea of how much–not very much), and some garlic.


Then I heated some canola oil in my wok and stir-fried the vegetables until they started to get crispy. I added a little bit more oil and crumbled the cold rice into the vegetable mixture and stirred it up. I drizzled some shoyu (I just eyeballed it) and sprinkled with salt and pepper and stirred it up until I thought it was ready to get in my belly.


AND THEN WE ATE IT. ALL OF IT. No leftovers.

It was very satisfying, but not so filling that we didn’t have room for dessert after taking the dogs for their evening walk. Sadly, it was the last of the cheesecake.


But I’m definitely making it again. It held up really well in the refrigerator for almost a week. In fact, it just kept getting better and better!


13 thoughts on “Hakka-style Veggie Fried Rice

    • not creamy at all. the trick is to use cold rice, apparently. the recipe i followed says to use cold rice and Meghan also pointed it out on fb (using only cold rice to make fried rice). also there is nothing saucy in the concoction.

  1. haha! the cheesecake was amazing…i had several people tell me it was the best they had ever had, even among dairy cheesecakes. i suppose you can use cold rice in the cheesecake, too? HAHA! just kidding!!
    anyway, it was dense, but not crumbly. and it was sort of creamy, but not mousse-y…does that help?

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