Sorry, Manny. No Cauliflower, Only Manakish

Since the falafel I made the other night wasn’t exactly a resounding success, I decided we should eat them again. Haha! Actually, I got a craving for zaatar since I look at my zaatar everyday and then I ran across this lovely graphic novel in progress via “Freshly Pressed,” in which the author is telling her father’s story, and the particular “episode” I came across was about making zaatar. I reblogged it because I loved it so much, but in case you missed it, check it out.  So I decided we would have some leftover falafel on the side with some manakish.

Unfortunately, Manny became very sad when I told him that no cauliflower was on the menu last night.


Sorry, Manny.

Anyway, I realize I did post about zaatar before, when I put together this crazy concoction, but i didn’t really share any photos of the actual zaatar.

Here is some zaatar:


And here it is mixed with olive oil (zeit zeitoun) in preparation for smearing over some fresh dough for manakish:


Before when I made the manakish, I just smeared the zaatar mixture onto freshly baked pita, but this time I rolled out my own dough to bake it like a pizza. I added some feta cheese. Obviously if you are vegan, you can leave that off or put something else on it. Just before going into the oven (which I heated at 500 degrees for 20 minutes with the pizza stone) it looks like this:


And when it comes out after ten minutes, it looks like this:


I don’t know, that picture doesn’t really do it justice. But holy moly it makes me drool! So I cut the manakish into quarters and put two quarters on each plate, along with two falafel apiece (which I popped into the oven wrapped in some foil while the manakish cooled for a few minutes), and a generous dollop of tahini sauce.


The falafel was even more dry the second night. I ate it with A LOT of tahini sauce, but really, I have to tinker a bit with that recipe, because I would really rather get it from a restaurant than eat this that I made. That makes me unhappy. Ha.

If you’ve never had manakish and you like savory salty things, you absolutely must try it. For me it was a bit of an acquired taste because it is strong and nothing like it exists in American cooking. The first time I had it back in college I wasn’t sure about it. But I wanted to keep eating it anyway. And now it makes me drool just thinking about it. It’s not spicy, but it has an interesting bite to it. I’m not sure if it’s from the thyme or the sumac…whatever it is, I love it. And someday soon I’ll be taking a stab at making my own from scratch, now that I have sumac on hand!


11 thoughts on “Sorry, Manny. No Cauliflower, Only Manakish

  1. I had to do a lot of googling here but now I know they are really everyday ingredients, in Arabic. This must have tasted very nice. Thanks for stopping by my favourite pastime!

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