Vegan Flourless Banana Pancakes

Ever since a friend posted pictures of her flourless banana pancakes on facebook, I’ve been curious to try them. Hers were simply mashed bananas with egg, but since I avoid eggs, I looked for a different version. I found this recipe using oatmeal and was intrigued, even though I thought it was a lot of ingredients. I am not some sort of kitchen wizard, so I didn’t want to leave things like baking soda out even though I wondered what its purpose was. I did decide to use coconut oil, but I replaced the eggs with flax seed and used soy milk instead of coconut milk. Oh, and I am out of vanilla extract, so I used almond.

Anyway, since I had these begging to be used in something, I decided to go for it.


I put them in the food processor with everything else. I set up my flax seed and water mixture first so it could get goopy before I added it in.


After I ran it all through the food processor, I had a nice looking batter.


I put too much canola oil in my pan at first, and I poured way too much batter in for each pancake. The batter really spreads out. I had some trouble flipping them. For the second round, I spooned the batter into the pan instead of pouring, but I still made the pancakes too big. They started attaching to each other and were hard to flip. I don’t have a picture, but the final batch were the right size. You really don’t need to spoon much batter into your pan.


They cook like “real” pancakes, with tell-tale bubbles and all. But they get very dark. We had ours with sausage…use any kind of sausage you like, vegan or otherwise, to get that great sweet and savory combination. The recipe included blueberry sauce, but I’m a maple syrup fan, so that’s what we used. And of course, coffee. The only thing missing was some fresh berries on the side.



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