Weekend Experiments in Grilled Cheese

I don’t think I’ve posted about grilled cheese, but it’s something I love to play around with. Since we ate leftovers last night, I’ll share with you my latest “invention.” I’m pretty sure someone else in the world must have tried this and maybe even perfected it, but I got this idea in my head and went for it:

mini pretzel roll grilled cheese with mustard.

We like to get these little mini pretzel rolls, but they go stale really fast and we can’t eat them all. So I used some of them on Sunday afternoon to try making grilled cheese. The problem is, the top is very rounded.


The first thing I tried was to make an inverted grilled cheese sandwich. I was hoping the melted cheese would hold it all together.


After buttering the top, I carefully put it in my hot frying pan.


I know. It’s totally ridiculous. And flipping it was a disaster. Except that cheese fries nicely and you can kind of just shove it back together.


It was really messy and one of them could not stay inverted. We ate them up and I decided to try again, this time without ending up with an inverted mess. Because that really did not work. I started by grilling the insides of the roll first.


Then I carefully built the sandwich in the frying pan. I added the slices of Vermont Cheddar, and carefully squirted some yellow mustard on there. I waited for the cheese to melt.


Then I put the top on it. And ate it. It was messy and gooey and sloppy, just like a grilled cheese should be. But it was much easier to manage in the pan. YUM.



8 thoughts on “Weekend Experiments in Grilled Cheese

  1. For all the grilled cheese sandwiches I’ve made over the years I’ve never put mustard on them. Yours looks really good and if you like it with mustard it must taste yummy. Do you always use yellow mustard or do you sometimes use spicy mustard? I was going to suggest slicing a small amount off the top to make it flat but that would probably take away too much of the pretzel.

    • Yellow mustard goes with pretzels. That’s a rule. 😉 I like to make grilled cheese with mustard seed welsh cheddar. Yummilicious. But otherwise I have not put mustard in my grilled cheese until this past Sunday.

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  2. Grilled cheese sandwiches. Fabulous on a rainy night.

    The method we use involves bacon, and, in season, fresh tomatoes. (The version with the tomatoes we cook under the broiler, which I don’t have a knack for but my mother does brilliantly.) My mother occasionally adds honey mustard, but I just put the cheese straight on the bread.

  3. I love grilled cheese with long pickle slices on the sandwich. mmmm. I haven’t tried adding mustard to that… but pickles and mustard? Sounds like it would work!

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