Fresh Leftovers: Sausage, Rapini, and Rigatoni

I love leftovers, but they can be boring or not heat up well. The other night I made fresh baguette-ish rolls for a sausage and rapini sandwich but had quite a lot of sausage and rapini leftover. There was no way to fit it all on the two rolls I made, and with just two of us, there was no way we were each eating more than one overstuffed sandwich for dinner. I considered options and ran them by the mister.

We decided to have the sausage and rapini with rigatoni. It was easy. I cooked the rigatoni and while it was draining, I turned the heat down on the burner and poured the sausage and rapini (which I had let warm up a little on the counter while the rigatoni cooked) into the pot. I stirred it and waited for it to smell nice. Then I started adding the rigatoni back in, in batches, stirring it well to coat it with the deliciousness. I tasted some sausage to make sure it was warmed through, and then we dug in. It was very satisfying. We ate a green salad while we waited for the rigatoni to cook.



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