Welcome To Our Kitchen, Ernesto!

Last Thursday Mr. KBD and I picked up our new cat, Ernesto. He’s a bit of a special fella and you can read about him over here, at the Ernesto Chronicles or if you want to see what he thinks of things, he has his own tumblr. I know, pretty silly.

He’s adjusting well but there are some kitchen-sharing issues going on between him and Manny, so I have not gotten a picture of both kitchen helpers together in the kitchen. But here is Ernesto in our kitchen with his sparkly ball:




4 thoughts on “Welcome To Our Kitchen, Ernesto!

  1. Our previous cat spent every Thanksgiving day in the kitchen, howling her head off, begging. (I think what she was saying translated to “Please give me the turkey! GIVE ME THE TURKEY!!!! I know you love me, which means you’ll GIVE ME THE TURKEY!!!”) Because roast turkey was her favorite food in the entire universe.

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