Spicy Experiments Redux

Remember this experiment? There was a lot left over and I felt stressed out thinking about eating it all. It was okay, but not fantastic, after all. And it was a lot that I made. Really: it was too much!

But then I got the idea to make burgers out of it. I put it in my food processor with a handful of shredded carrot and some oats. I eyeballed it, sorry…no real measurments…I also added a little bit of water.


I processed it until it was somewhat grainy but stuck together when I pinched some.


And then I made five patties. By the way, this was just one container of the leftovers. I did this again another night with the remaining curry. I think we must have ended up with 20 or so burgers.


I fried them in some canola oil and then drained them.


Since these were made primarily of rice and potato, I decided not to serve them with bread. Instead, I put ketchup on them and wrapped them in a leaf of romaine lettuce. It was quite delicious with nice hot-cold and smooth-crunchy contrasts.


So anytime you are unhappy with a dish like this, JUST MAKE BURGERS. πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Spicy Experiments Redux

  1. Ah, so you got your food processor fixed! The burgers look like “real” burgers and delicious. I wonder if you could have frozen them to use later.

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