Pizza! Pizza!

Last week I realized I had a lot of mushrooms on hand, including some baby portabellas. I also had tomatoes that needed to be used up. It was time to make pizza! Friday night I made two pizzas.

Earlier in the week I had made stromboli with roasted vegetables and had sauce left over from that for one pizza. It was simply garlic, crushed tomatoes, and fresh basil. I made some fresh pizza dough Friday morning before leaving for work and it was ready when we got home. I decided one pizza would have the red sauce, the other would have an olive oil-garlic-red pepper flake base.

I preheated my oven with a stone to 500 degrees for twenty minutes.

While it heated I chilled my dough a little to make it easier to handle, chopped my vegetables, and prepped my first pizza. Pizza number one would be mushrooms and black olives.


I put the red sauce on the rolled out dough and sprinkled it with the olives and mushrooms.


While it was baking, I sliced my tomatoes and smeared the olive oil mixture on my second pizza dough. I sprinkled the tomatoes with dried oregano and sliced fresh basil leaves over the top.


Unfortunately I put way too much oil on the dough and it was making a mess. It was impossible for me to slide it into the oven. So I folded in the edges.


It baked beautifully. I put some feta on there when it came out piping hot. Obviously you can leave the feta off.


I forgot to take a picture of the mushroom olive pizza. We ate the whole thing and then were too full to eat any of the tomato pizza. I wrapped it up and we had it the next night. I got this idea that I should add arugula on top before heating it back up in the oven.


I must say, it was a good idea:


Now I’m wanting more pizza…


5 thoughts on “Pizza! Pizza!

  1. This week is pizza week for my CSA…we are getting dough and toppings. I am way too lazy to actually make sauce out of the tomatoes, so I think I’m going to slice them like you did. I’m excited now!!

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