Autumn Is Upon Us: STUFFED SQUASH!

I love stuffed squash. I LOVE IT! For years and years that was our main dish at the Thanksgiving table instead of turkey. But I figure why wait for Thanksgiving for something so delicious? Especially when I saw this recipe at the Lotus and the Artichoke.

I just got back from vacation and somehow I had everything (except turmeric) on hand, so that is what I made last night!

The recipe says you can use canned or cooked dried garbanzo beans so yesterday afternoon I did a quick soak of my beans. When it was time to start cooking for real, it took nearly an hour for the beans to be finished, but while they cooked I pre-roasted my squash and prepped everything else. If you already have beans ready, you really could just prep everything while the squash roasts and then it won’t take all that long to put together. The Lotus and the Artichoke says 70 minutes and my guess is that is pretty accurate.

I was happy to slice open this beautiful acorn squash.


And tonight I am going to roast these seeds with some oil and salt.


After I scooped out the seeds I lightly oiled the squash halves and placed them face down on a baking tray and put them in a preheated (400-degrees) for 20 minutes.

While they baked I prepared my veggie broth and sauteed my onion, garlic, ginger, followed by apricots, almonds and carrots plus the spices (please check the recipe I linked to) and the chickpeas. I had a bunch of shredded carrots on hand, so I just threw a couple of handfuls of that into the pan instead of chopping up a carrot. Also, I used a big skillet for which I don’t have a lid, which was dumb. make sure you have a good lid for whatever saucepan or skillet you use.


When those batches of yumminess were done, I poured in my broth and let it simmer for a couple minutes, then added my couscous. I used pearl couscous because that is what I had on hand and it’s my favorite (which is why it’s what I had on hand). The couscous is the reason I needed a good lid. I worked something out, but it would have been easier and better had I used a real lid to help the couscous soak up the broth properly.

I did my best and then I stuffed my squash halves and baked them for 30 minutes. I thought it was delicious!


And since I made the full recipe of stuffing even though I only made half the squash in the recipe, I have plenty to take to work with my for lunch. Just say no to sad desk lunches!

10 thoughts on “Autumn Is Upon Us: STUFFED SQUASH!

  1. Yay, I am so happy you blogged this!! If I get acorn squash in my CSA I am going to do this because those are not my favorite plain and this will make it yummier!
    I never thought about roasting acorn squash seeds before….

  2. Did you use the tomatoes listed in the recipe you linked? I was going to (finally) make this tonight and just realized I don’t have any tomatoes. But you didn’t mention them either.

  3. oh my gosh…i can’t remember. and I wrote this up fast. I feel like i see a tomato in the picture of the stuff in the skillet, but it might be a chunk of onion. :/ sorry! it’s just two tomatoes…do you think you will make it and leave them out?

  4. I enlarged your photo and can’t see them. I guess it would taste fine without them. So unless I get lazy tonight, I’m gonna do it.

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