Shutdown Day in the Kitchen Day 3: Carrot Tops

Okay, I’m cheating a little bit. I didn’t have an ingredient for yesterday. But I just realized that we ate something with carrot tops two days in a row. And if you follow the news and political jokes around here, what do carrots make you think of? a special orange glow? on Boehner? So I’m celebrating Boehner’s orange glow with this meal. He makes me so angry the only way I can deal with it is to let myself be distracted by his amazing skin tone. He insists it’s not fake tan lotion. So it must be the carrots. I think Boehner eats a lot of carrots.

I used the carrot tops to make chimichurri that was the extra special sauce for these black bean and roasted carrot and parsnip tacos. I only had flour tortillas on hand so we had soft tacos the first night and last night with our meal of leftovers we had them wrapped up tightly and baked in the oven.

I followed the recipe pretty much exactly. I think you could use parsley if you don’t actually have any carrot tops. I did have carrot tops. I went in search of a recipe to find out what people can do with them, and this is one that I found that was especially appealing. It lived up to my expectations and I plan to make it again and again.

I cut up the carrots, parsnips, and onions. I mixed them with their spices. While they roasted I did everything else. I prepared the beans last. I fried them lightly in some oil and tossed them with some sea salt. Then I lined up all the little bowls of fixins and started filling our tacos.


I lined up three per bowl-plate. and they fit nicely. Oh, I forgot to say I warmed the tortillas for a few minutes by wrapping them in foil and placing them in the warm oven.


They were super delicious. I liked them even better the second night, so in the future I think I will serve them quasi-enchilada-style. I wrapped the tortillas with the filling in foil and put them in a 350-degree oven for about 10 minutes. I think the oven could even be set at 400. Or you could leave them in for longer if you want them hotter. Then I topped them with the cold chimichurri and diced onion. The warm-cold contrast was nice.


And with that, I’d like to tell Congress to eat more carrots. Match Boehner’s carrot power with carrot power and get our government running again!


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