Shutdown in the Kitchen Day 4: Rocky Road Ice Cream

As usual, I’m behind. It is now Day 9 of this absurdity. But Friday I decided to feature nuts as a my “secret ingredient.”


And then I got it into my head that I should use the nuts in some (vegan) rocky road ice cream. Badum-bum!

The real challenge became finding a recipe for which I had everything. For instance, rocky road ice cream has marshmallows in it. I do not have any vegan marshmallows, or even any kind of marshmallows on hand right now. So how does one make marshmallows? I found lots of recipes, but they all had at least one weird ingredient I didn’t have. But i did find something for a marshmallow-like substitute that someone had created for vegan s’mores. The recipe was pretty simple and I had everything to make this candy to use as marshmallows in my rocky road icecream. So I did it. The candy is a bit strange, but also tasty. I have a lot leftover so I think I might make some s’mores!

Anyway, so then I needed a rocky road ice cream recipe. I ended up using this one. I used a rather strong ghiardelli cocoa for the cacao powder. After mixing the main ingredients in my blender and pouring it into my ice cream maker, I decided not to mix the nuts and marshmallow inside the ice cream maker. Instead, I stirred them in after making the ice cream. So unfortunately, you can’t really see the marshmallows.



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