About Me and Manny

Manny, my eager helper.

Manny, my eager helper.

Me: My name is Marieke. I like to cook. I like all aspects of cooking. I like picking out the dishes I want to cook in the upcoming week, I like picking out ingredients I want to try cooking with, I like going shopping for said ingredients, and I like throwing them all together into a (usually) delicious meal. I do have occasional failures.

More about me: I decided I need to include a little explanatory note. I cook a lot of vegan things. But I am notΒ  vegan. I was for fifteen years, but nearly five years ago that changed. It’s very complicated, but for the purposes of this blog, which I hope will inspire people to cook fresh at home (even on the weeknights!) and explore global cuisine, I’ll just explain that my vegan lifestyle and dietary choices had become stale. I had become dependent on a lot of processed food. I realized that wasn’t healthy or natural, even if it was vegan. I began rethinking a lot of things, which I’ll keep to myself because this is not a blog about being vegan or not being vegan. It’s about cooking fresh every day, whether the cooking is plant-based or not.

Also, I love learning languages and learning about the world, which includes a lot of food, some of which is not vegan. Around the time I began making the decision to eat meat again, I was preparing to travel to a place where I could expect someone to offer me meat. I did not like the thought of saying “I’m sorry, I’m vegan. I just can’t eat that,” nor did I want to exclude myself from a potentially profound communal experience. So I felt like, at least for the purposes of accepting food from someone in another culture, I needed to psychologically prepare myself for actually eating the meat, which I had not done in fifteen years (and thought I would never do again). I “practiced” with some fish and then bison. Today I don’t eat very much meat and most of what you’ll see here is vegan, possibly adapted from non-vegan recipes. If you are vegan, I will warn you to avert your eyes on my meat days! πŸ™‚

Manny: Manny is one of my dogs. He is always in the kitchen with me. He cleans up all my messes for me. Manny and I share our home with another human (who will be called the Mister here), another dog and a box turtle, all of whom also love food.


16 thoughts on “About Me and Manny

    • I know!! I had this plan to take a picture of him in a chef’s hat but the chef’s hat I got is dumb. So I’m rethinking it but how about I just plunk one in there tonight? I can change it to chef hat later! πŸ™‚

    • Wow, thanks Jocelyne! You’re really kind. WordPress makes it a little easy, but i’m still figuring out how to do things and someday i hope it looks even better. πŸ˜‰
      When i sent you the link i thought to myself, “now here is someone who will definitely like the name.” lol
      If I’m honest, I am not even sure i can pronounce it correctly. πŸ™‚

    • wow, thanks! i don’t have a page for it…i haven’t even turned on “publicize” yet lol. still feeling a little self-conscious! but i’m working toward getting over that. πŸ™‚

      • I’m getting the hang of it now and i’ve had a bunch of likes from strangers, which is encouraging. πŸ™‚ i might turn it on with my next post. i keep saying that though. haha

    • Thanks so much, Sam! I’m really flattered and also so happy to have “met” you on here. I was scared to start a blog, but it’s been so much fun! in large part because of my interactions with you!

  1. Thank you for following my favourite pastime. I look forward to receiving vegan, carnivore, all posts really. I eat everything! Kind regards!

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